Agave Attenuata

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A truly attractive plant with eye-catching foliage and tall flowers. This particular variety is more commonly known as the Century plant as it is said to take years to flower and after doing so it dies, with smaller new plants called ‘pups’ appearing at the base to continue on the growth. Agave attenuata forms rosettes of green to blue leaves and will add a definite feature to any garden or landscape. Placed in a pot and Agave attenuata will last for many years, adding character and texture to the garden. It can also be used in rockeries, courtyards and embankments.


Agave attenuata is best grown in a well drained soil in full sun and will tolerate long periods of dryness but does need protection from frost. Once established, Agave attenuata is reasonably low maintenance and waterwise. It can be watered once a fortnight but will still thrive in periods of dryness. Be sure to situate this plant with fair space as it does tend to lean over its trunk and will flower up to 3m high when mature. For healthy growth, fertilise with a slow release fertiliser. Agave attenuata foliage can grow to a height of 1.5 metres and width of 80cm.

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