Tulbaghia violacea ‘Silver Lace’ Variegated Society Garlic


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This beautiful variegated form of Tulbaghia offers narrow strap-like leaves which are a lovely blue-grey colour striped with cream down their whole length. This attractive foliage forms a silvery mound to around 30cm in height.

During spring and summer slender stems rising to around 60cm bear loose umbels of dainty lilac-pink flowers which resemble miniature agapanthus flowers.

Native to South Africa this hardy plant is drought tolerant with the ability to recede into its perennial bulbs during times of prolonged dryness re-emerging when conditions become more favourable.

‘Silver Lace’ emits a garlic odour which serves as a useful pest repellent plant to grow beneath roses or as a companion plant in vegetable or herb gardens.


Select a warm, sunny site in a free draining soil. Water plentifully when the foliage is in active growth then reduce as flower spikes emerge. Although drought tolerant, mulching and the occasional deep watering during extended dry periods will increase overall plant performance. No pruning is required – simply remove spent flower heads to encourage further flowering and to keep a neat appearance. Use a slow release fertiliser during spring.


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