Daphne ‘Eternal Fragrance’

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During spring, ‘Eternal Fragrance produces tight clusters of classic white flowers at the tips of its deep green foliage. The display doesn’t end there however, with this variety continuing to spot flower repeatedly throughout the year. ‘Eternal Fragrance’ has an exquisite perfume.

To top things off it is frost hardy, and both heat and dry tolerant. This Daphne performs in sunny sites without scorching. ‘Eternal Fragrance’ is also tolerant of both alkaline and acidic soils.


Daphne ‘Eternal Fragrance’ requires a sunny to a lightly shaded site in most soil types as long as it is well draining. ‘Eternal Fragrance’ is best grown in moist, fertile soils. For optimum results, lightly prune and feed in summer with a slow release fertiliser to maintain shape and vigour. Will tolerate both slightly alkaline to acid soils. As the variety is semi-deciduous, the evergreen foliage may incur some leaf drop when subjected to very low temperatures but once the warmer weather arrives will flush with new foliage, covering any unsightliness.

CAUTION – Harmful if eaten. Skin/eye irritant.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia www.pma.com.au

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