Grevillea ‘Deua Gold’


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Grevillea ‘Deua Gold’ combines rich golden nectar-filled flowers with graceful arching foliage. The bright flowers are borne in the depths of winter, attracting native birds to your garden and by planting it just outside a window you can watch the show in cosy fireside comfort.


Does best in a full sun position in a well drained soil. ‘Deua Gold’ benefits from a light pruning after flowering at the beginning of spring, to encourage the plant to develop a bushy rounded habit. The plant may also be pruned into a small hedge, for those seeking a robust flowering backdrop to other native plants in a mixed border. ‘Deua Gold’ should be fertilised each spring with a slow release specifically formulated native fertiliser, according to manufacturers directions.

CAUTION – Skin irritant.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

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