Helleborus – ‘Tutu’


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A vigorous evergreen perennial with a tidy growth habit, ‘Tutu’ is famed for its elegant semi-double pink-purple blooms with delicate ruffled centres. Thriving in shady nooks, ‘Tutu’ is the perfect solution to giving a once neglected area a dramatic and graceful facelift – bringing style and panache to your garden.


Hellebore ‘Tutu’ grows well in most soil types that are moist but well draining. Water requirements are low once the plant is established, however it will benefit from an occasional deep soak during periods of extended heat. Trim flowering stems back to ground level late spring and feed with a slow release fertiliser. CAUTION – Harmful if eaten/skin irritant.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia www.pma.com.au

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