Lavandula ‘With Love’

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Lavender With Love is famed for its attractive pink flowers that are at their peak throughout late winter and spring. It also continues to spot flower throughout the year. Unlike other lavenders, the flowers are born close to the plant, which has a tight compact mounded habit, with aromatic grey green foliage. As the name suggests, ‘With Love’ makes the ideal gift for any occasion!

This variety can be kept on display indoors for up to two weeks when it may be placed into a more permanent situation outdoors either in the garden or a larger container with good quality potting mix.


Plant in full sun in a well drained soil, and apply a general purpose slow release fertiliser after flowering. Watering requirements are low once established, needing only an occasional long soak during extended periods of drought Regular light tip pruning after flowering will encourage a dense bushy habit and new flower growth for the following season. For hedging, space at intervals of approximately 50cm.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

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