Liriope muscari ‘Isabella’ ‘LIRF’

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  • Great lawn alternative or garden border
  • One mow per year
  • Better performer than Mondo in full sun and works Australia wide

This fine leaf compact spreading Liriope has beautiful pink flowers and is a one mow per year lawn alternative.

Isabella® Liriope is a better border than Mondo as it performs better in full sun, drought and frost. It also recovers better from damage.

Plant 6 per square metre for a full coverage lawn in 18-24 months or 12 per square metre for quicker coverage in 9-12 months.

Size: 40cm high x 50cm wide. 15 – 20cm high x 20 – 30cm wide when mown once a year.

Planting Density: 6-12 plants per m², 4-8 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Lawn alternative for sun and heavy shade, garden borders, specimen and mass planting. Ideal for use around stepping stones.


Full sun to 90% shade. Tolerates frost, drought and humidity. Isabella suits all soil types.

Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden if not using as a lawn alternative (chunky mulch is recommended).

Use slow release fertiliser in spring if required. Mow/cut back once per year in July – August. (will look better with mowing every year, but if it can’t be mown new growth will cover discoloured leaves by spring or summer).

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