Lomandra ‘Misty Green’ Mat Rush

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Lomandra Misty Green is an evergreen Australian Native with very attractive fine grey green leaves that weep gracefully towards the ground. This fine foliaged Lomandra has a clumping, tufting habit making it great for landscape application. The fragrant small yellow flower spikes appear in Summer and have a sweet scent similar to honey.


Misty Green is very low maintenance once established, and is extremely hardy. Misty Green has proven to tolerate moderate frost as well as dry conditions during periods of drought. It’s suitable for coastal areas as it can grow in most well drained soil types, in full sun to part shade. Misty Green can be mass planted for erosion control, and is often seen in large plantings in parks and roadway embankments.

It’s a very easy plant that can go just about anywhere providing it gets enough light.

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