Meema™ Hardenbergia violacea ‘HB1’ PBR


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  • Tidier foliage and longer lived
  • Longer lasting flowers
  • Great ground cover feature

Meema™ Hardenbergia has great upright form and grows into a shrubby ground cover, it will creep up things if allowed to.

Keeps crisp clean foliage better than other forms through very cold winters and hot dry periods of northerly winds.

Maintains very tidy form even when unpruned and masses of purple flowers appear from July-September.

Planting Density: 1-3 plants per m², 1-2 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Feature plant for gardens and landscapes.

Care: Full sun to semi shade. Suits sandy to heavy clay soils. Tolerates cold and drought. Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended). If required use slow release fertiliser in spring.

For a natural shape prune once a year after flowering, for a hedge prune 2-3 times a year (this depends on your requirements, more frequent pruning will provide a tidier hedge/shape).

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