Pimelea ‘White Solitaire’ Rice Flower

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White Solitaire features beautiful, white flower clusters on a compact shrub.  White Solitaire’s drought tolerance and showy spring flowering make it a great choice for larger patio pots or garden planting. The bright green, glossy foliage remains attractive year-round. Nectar-rich flowers are butterfly attracting. A very versatile variety, it is also suited to border plantings, rockeries and containers. For borders plant 50cm apart.


Plant in full sun. White Solitaire is frost and drought tolerant and adaptable to a variety of soils provided they have moderate to good drainage. Trim off spent flowers and apply a small handful of general purpose slow release fertiliser after each flush of blooms to promote compact plant shape and encourage more flowers. Pimelea White Solitaire can grow to a height of 50cm and a width of 60cm.

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