Syzygium ‘Big Red’

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An outstanding Lilly Pilly, Big Red is different to the rest as it has large, glossy leaves whose new growth is a spectacular deep crimson. Big Red has white flowers that are born over summer and followed by berries that will attract native birds into your garden.

Hardy and dry tolerant, Big Red also responds exceptionally well to shaping. It makes an excellent large hedge (plant 1m apart) and is ideal in formal gardens that call for topiary specimens. For those hedging this plant near swimming pools or along driveways, regular pruning will mean that you constantly remove the flowers preventing the berry production. This plant is prized by landscapers across the country, and is one of the best selling Lilly Pilly’s available to the home gardener.


Low watering requirements once established needing only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat. Plant in most soil types that are well draining and protect from frosts until established. Prune to shape during early spring to encourage dense habit. Use a slow release fertiliser according to manufacturers directions. For hedging space plants approximately 1m apart. Final height will vary according to local soil and climatic conditions.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

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