Viburnum tinus ‘Anvi’

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Viburnums are versatile evergreen shrubs which can be used as specimens, hedges or screening plants throughout the garden.

Viburnum ‘Anvi’ produces extra large flowers (12cm across), which completely cover the bush in winter through to late spring. The flowers are followed by deep, purplish-blue berries and both are ideal for use in floral arrangements. The stems of the new growth of ‘Anvi’ also flush a crimson colour, adding contrast to the forest green foliage.

Viburnum ‘Anvi’ will grow to approximately 4m high forming a dense, round, compact shrub of dark green, shiny foliage. A lush evergreen shrub, and very hardy, this plant deserves a place in any garden!


Grow in a deep, rich, moisture retentive soil in full sun or semi-shade. Water requirements are low to medium once established. A long deep soaking is recommended during extended periods of dryness. Prune to required shape or size after berries are finished.


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