Water-wise Gardens

Water-wise gardens are becoming more and more popular here in Western Australia. Along with WA’s dry climate and poor soils, people are becoming more concerned about our worlds precious resource – water. Hence, they are opting for water-wise solutions.

Water-wise gardens are low maintenance, and as this beautiful garden designed by Sue from Wild About Gardens demonstrates, they do not have to compromise on beauty.

Image courtesy of Wild About Gardens, wildaboutgardens.com.au

There are a few tips you can follow to ensure the success of a water-wise garden.

  • Try choosing plants that are native to WA . These plants have been proven to grow well in WA soils and are therefore a no brainer. If not WA natives then Australian natives are the next best thing. Like all plants, drought tolerant plants will still require a watering-in period until established, usually 8-13 weeks.

Image courtesy of Wild About Gardens, wildaboutgardens.com.au

  • Prepare the soil by adding organic matter and/or soil improver. The importance of soil preparation can never be underestimated for any garden. And although many drought tolerant plants will grow in less than ideal conditions, it is still important to give them the best start to life. Good soil is the foundation of a thriving water-wise garden. The better the soil, the more drought tolerant your plants will be. Preparing the soil will ensure your plants are getting the water and nutrients they need to thrive.
bokeh photography of person carrying soil
  • Place plants with the same water requirements close together. This will allow for more efficient water use, ensuring that your plants are neither over or under watered.
  • Mulch! Mulching retains water and keeps those thirsty water hogging weeds out.

Image courtesy of Wild About Gardens, wildaboutgardens.com.au

  • Deliver water to the root zone. By using soaker hoses or irrigation drippers this will ensure water is getting right where it needs to be.

So, whether you’re looking to add a few new plants into your existing garden bed or designing a new garden bed from scratch, incorporating water-wise plants is always great choice. Low maintenance and low water – its a win win.