Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’

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Famed for its unique foliage colour, Abelia x Grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’ has beautiful tones that change with the seasons. The new variegated growth emerges bright yellow with a light green centre throughout spring, and then gradually turns to a golden yellow with a deep green centre into the summer months. By autumn this combination turns to a bright orange to fiery red throughout the winter months extending until the early spring.

This is an exceptionally tough garden variety, which can tolerate extended periods of drought and grows in a wide range of climatic conditions. ‘Kaleidoscope’ naturally has a compact dense habit, and unlike others within the genus, doesn’t form long branching runaway shoots from the base. It looks fantastic when planted as a small hedge, and also looks great planted into large tubs and containers.

‘Kaleidoscope’ is a must to brighten up any garden, and will reward you with colour interest all year round.


Water requirements are low once established. Select a sunny location in well-draining soil. In general gardening a light tidy-up prune in early spring along with an application of slow-release fertiliser is recommended. If hedging – regular light trims will easily maintain your preferred shape & size.

Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia www.pma.com.au

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