Anigozanthos ‘Bush Glow’ Kangaroo Paw


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Anigozanthos Bush Gems are a spectacular, versatile range of water-saving, easy care plants. These varieties offer spectacular colour, profuse flowering and a range of heights and exceptional quality. As a potted feature plant or en-masse in the garden, Bush Gems add interest to all garden styles.

A name that speaks for itself – Bush Glow illuminates with its radiant golden orange flowers. With a naturally compact, bushy habit and hardy nature, Bush Glow is perfect for use in pots and containers positioned in a sunny spot where its flowers can gleam in the sunlight.


Plant in a sunny spot in well draining soil. Feed before flowering and again after removing dead flower stems to stimulate new growth. Maintenance is easy, remove spent flowers as low to the base as possible. Damaged foliage can also be cut off. Kangaroo paws respond very well to pruning back when looking shabby.

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