Canna ‘Show Off Australia’ Canna Lily

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Canna Show Offs™ are selected for their clean vibrant lines which blend well into the modern plantings. Leaves and flowers are used in floral decoration.

‘Show Off Australia’ produces vibrant red flowers above dark red tropical foliage during the warmer months.

Cannas are a great accent plant, throwing out all the tropical vibes. They can also be grown in pots provided the soil is kept moist. Plant en masses for a dramtic effect.


Sunny aspects are preferred to achieve good strong growth and continual flowering. Moisture-retentive soil, with additional organic compost, manures and conditioners are very beneficial. A standout choice for boggy sites.

Once each stalk has finished flowering cut that stalk right out as this will promote flowering right through the summer and into autumn.

Its a good idea to lift and divide cannas every 2-3 years. Add compost and mulch around the plant when replanting to promote new growth for the season ahead.

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