Citrus ‘Lemonicious’ Dwarf Lemon

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Citrus Lemonicious is a compact growing small tree, bearing very juicy, and versatile home grown fruit. In a large pot, Citrus Lemonicious reaches around 1.5m x 1m, creating the ultimate decorative pot for your outdoor living area.

Citrus Lemonicious, once established, will bloom with masses of scented white flowers followed by delicious, full sized fruit. The fruit is perfect for cooking, cocktails, fish ‘n’ chips, and that certain Mexican beer on hot, summery days!


To ensure your plant remains looking fantastic, we recommend planting in a large tub or decorative pot, using a high quality potting mix such as Baileys or Osmocote.  Lemonicious prefers a nice sunny position in well drained soil. It is frost and coastal tolerant.

An application of citrus fertiliser early autumn and spring would be beneficial.

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