Eucalyptus Vintage Red™


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Vintage Red is the first ever red foliaged Eucalyptus to be released anywhere in the world. 

Vintage Red is a decorative ornamental tree, the unique foliage colour can change from bright red to black to purple and grey depending on the direction of the sunlight and the age of the foliage.

Vintage Red is fantastic for use as a foliage feature tree, specimen tree or a shade tree. The contrasting foliage of Vintage Red is quite amazing, and looks fantastic planted with a green backdrop. Vintage Red is also great for use in cut foliage due to its dramatic coloured foliage.


Vintage Red thrives in a variety of well drained soils and most climatic conditions. It is best suited to an open sunny position, with good drainage, it will tolerate part shade. Vintage Red has extreme drought tolerance and will live in very low rainfall parts of Australia . Once established Vintage Red will live on natural rainfall in all areas of Australia and will tolerate light to moderate frosts.

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