Grevillea ‘Fire Cracker’

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Grevillea ‘Fire Cracker’ delivers a spectacular explosion of red and orange flowers, highlighted against soft evergreen foliage. Flowering heavily throughout the colder months of late winter and early spring, this low-growing Grevillea will bring nectar feeding native birds flocking to your garden.

Fire Cracker is an extremely tough plant, growing happily through winter frosts as well as the hot summer sun. A proven garden and landscape performer that will keep on delivering with very little maintenance.


Extremely hardy in most soil types which are well draining. Frost and dry tolerant once established. Easy care, Fire Cracker benefits from a light pruning after flowering at the beginning of spring, to encourage a dense bushy habit. Fire Cracker should be fertilised each spring with a slow release specifically formulated native fertiliser, according to manufacturers directions. If planted in a container, make sure you use a good quality potting mix that has been blended especially for native plants.

CAUTION – Skin irritant.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

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