Helleborus ‘Sophie’s Delight’


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For lovers of the beautiful winter-flowering Helleborus, ‘Sophie’s Delight’ cannot fail to impress. Proudly held well above its handsome foliage, predominantly white blooms are deliciously edged and backed with deep mulberry – a colour combination that is both simple and elegant. ‘Sophie’s Delight’ is quite happy indoors for up to three weeks, after which it will be a valuable evergreen addition to a semi-shaded border or container.


Plant in any soil that is well draining. Tidy after flowering by removing old flower heads. If growing in containers or full sun, care should be taken not to allow to dry out completely. For best results, feed in late autumn and spring with a slow release fertiliser before and after flowering.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia www.pma.com.au

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