Isopogon ‘Candy Cones’


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Isopogon Candy Cones features spectacular large mauve-pink coneflowers that are offset by dark green foliage. It will make a statement in any garden when in full flower due to its long lasting displays of striking and unusual blooms.

Pruning after flowering also assists in encouraging growth to maintain a compact bushy shrub. The plant will also do well in a container, however be sure to used a specific premium Australian native potting mix for best results. ‘Candy Cones’ boasts all the great features of many Australian natives being dry tolerant, a low water user, frost hardy and easy to grow.


This variety is hardy in most well drained, neutral to acid soils and prefers an open sunny position. If grown in containers, use a potting mix especially formulated mix for native plants which is low in phosphorus. Plants should be pruned lightly after flowering to remove old flower heads and to encourage new growth. Feed in spring with a slow release fertiliser especially formulated for native plants.



Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

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