Lavandula ‘Purpleberry Ruffles’

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Purpose-bred in Australia, Lavender Purpleberry Ruffles has plucky lilac winged flowers that completely cover the compact plant when in full bloom. Bred to feature large ruffled wings, this long-flowering and showy Lavender is a stand-out that has been popular across the country and is now finding favour internationally. Combining improved disease resistance with a compact and mounded habit, this exciting new Lavenders is perfect for hedging and thrives in sunny gardens throughout most of Australia.


Plant any of the Ruffles Collection in full sun in a well-drained soil, and apply a general purpose slow release fertiliser after flowering. When pruning any of the varieties in the Lavender Ruffles Collection, never cut right back to bare woody stems (where there is no foliage). Regular light tip pruning after flowering will encourage a dense bushy habit and new flower growth for the following season.

Information and images courtesy of Plants Management Australia

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