Myoporum parv. Yareena TM ‘PARV01’

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Yareena Myoporum is a fast growing ground cover, suiting a wide variety of soils. It is drought and frost tolerant, and excellent for coastal positions also.

Its crisp clean foliage displays beautiful white flowers, which are honey-scented, through late spring to early summer.

This attractive, native ground cover is perfect for filling gaps, under-planting, cascading down embankments or trailing over retaining walls and raised garden beds. It also acts as a living weed suppressant.


Plant in full-sun to part-shade. Will grow in almost any soil including inland clays and heavy soils as long as they are well drained. This is a water wise plant once established, and is both heat and frost tolerant. Being a low-maintenance plant there is little pruning required, just as needed. Will benefit from a slow-release low phosphorus fertiliser in spring.

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